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Fruit Trees

The weather is getting colder and everything is starting to shred there leaves or has done so already. A sign autumn has started. It is time to plant Fruit Trees. From November till March we will be supplying Fruit Trees again. Below you will find our Fruit Tree list, with an availability for the season 2018 / 2019. If you have any questions or query please contact us.

Corylus avellana Cosford Cydonia oblonga Champion
Corylus avellana Halle'sche Riesen Cydonia oblonga Lescovacka
Corylus avellana Lange Spaanse Cydonia oblonga Portugal
Corylus avellana Webb's Prize Cob Cydonia oblonga Vranja

Malus domestica Alkmene Malus domestica Howgate Wonder
Malus domestica Beauty of Bath Malus domestica Idared
Malus domestica Benoni Malus domestica James Grieve
Malus domestica Braeburn Malus domestica Jonagold
Malus domestica Bramley's Seedling Malus domestica Katja
Malus domestica Charles Ross Malus domestica Laxton's Superb
Malus domestica Cox's Oranje Pippin Malus domestica Lombarts Calville
Malus domestica Discovery Malus domestica Lord Lambourne
Malus domestica Ecolette Malus domestica Melrose
Malus domestica Egremont Russet Malus domestica Rajka
Malus domestica Elstar Malus domestica Rode Boskoop
Malus domestica Gala Malus domestica Rode Jonathan
Malus domestica Gloster Malus domestica Schone van Boskoop
Malus domestica Golden Delicious Malus domestica Spartan
Malus domestica Golden Pearmain Malus domestica Sterappel
Malus domestica Greensleeves Malus domestica Summerred
Malus domestica Grenadier Malus domestica Transparente Jaune


Prunus avium Bigarreau Napoléon Prunus cerasus Morello
Prunus cerasus Bigarreau Burlat Prunus avium Octavia
Prunus avium Early Rivers Prunus avium Regina
Prunus avium Hedelfinger Riesenkirsche Prunus cerasus Rheinische Schattenmorelle
Prunus avium Kordia Prunus avium Schneid. Spate Knorpel.
Prunus avium Lapins Prunus avium Stella
Prunus avium Merchant Prunus avium Sunburst
Prunus avium Merton Glory Prunus avium Van
Prunus cerasus Meikers Prunus avium Varikse Zwarte


Prunus domestica Avalon Prunus domestica Ontario
Prunus domestica Bleue de Belgique Prunus domestica Opal
Prunus domestica Damson Prunus domestica Reine Claude d'Althan
Prunus domestica Early Prolific Prunus domestica Reine Claude d'Oullins
Prunus domestica Hauszwetsche Prunus domestica Reine Claude Verte
Prunus domestica Jubileum Prunus domestica The Czar
Prunus domestica Majorie Seedling Prunus domestica Victoria
Prunus domestica Mirabelle de Nancy

Prunus persica Amsden Prunus armeniaca Bredase
Prunus persica Champion Prunus armeniaca Bergeron
Prunus persica Peregrine Prunus armeniaca Hongaarse
Prunus persica Vaes Oogst Prunus armeniaca Luizet
Prunus persica Wassenberger Prunus armeniaca Polonais

Prunus armeniaca Rouge de Roussillon

Prunus armeniaca Tros Oranje

Pyrus communis Beurré Hardy Nectarine
Pyrus communis Beurré Alexandre Lucas Prunus p. nucip. Mme Blanchet
Pyrus communis Bonne Louise d'Avranches Prunus p. nucip. Nectared
Pyrus communis Beth Prunus p. nucip. Red Gold
Pyrus communis Charneux

Pyrus communis Clapp's Favourite Medlar
Pyrus communis Concorde Mespilus germanica Westerveld
Pyrus communis Conference

Pyrus communis Doyenné du Comice Almond
Pyrus communis Gieser Wildeman Prunus dulcis Robijn
Pyrus communis Saint Rémy

Pyrus communis Triomphe de Vienne Currant - Black
Pyrus communis Williams Ribes nigrum Ben Nevis

Goosberry - Red
Currant - Red
Ribes uva-crispa Hinnonmäki Röd Ribes rubrum Jonkheer van Tets

Ribes rubrum Rovada
Gooseberry- Green/White

Ribes uva-crispa Hinnonmäki Grön Currant - White
Ribes uva-crispa Invicta Ribes rubrum Weisse Versailler


Rubus idaeus Autumn Bliss

Rubus idaeus Fallgold

Rubus idaeus Tulameen

Rubus idaeus Héritage

Rubus idaeus Malling Promise

Rubus idaeus Schönemann

Rubus idaeus Zefa Herbsternte

Fruit Trees ordered before
27 October 2018 will be delivered in November 2018

Fruit Trees ordered after 27 October 2018 will be delivered in January 2019